Precision-Pain-and-Spine-Institute Offering Instrument Aassisted Soft-Tissue Mobilization Iastm

Precision Pain & Spine Institute recently announced plans to start offering Instrument Assisted Soft Tissues Mobilization (IASTM) at each of its four New Jersey and New York offices. The treatment will add to Precision Pain & Spine Institute’s physical therapy capabilities and will keep the business on the cutting edge of industry trends.

What Is It?
IASTM is a manual therapy technique that uses specially designed ergonomic instruments to treat musculoskeletal injuries. It uses instrument-assisted massages to break up abnormal densities in tissue, including scar tissue and soft tissue adhesions. Adhesions often occur due to injury, inflammation, repeated strain, surgery, and other causes. For the healing process to start, these adhesions need to be broken down in a safe and controlled fashion. IASTM allows those breakdowns to happen, thereby re-initiating the healing process and encouraging the body to heal those injuries itself.

The design of the instruments used for IASTM makes it easy for clinicians to locate adhesions and break them up. The process is not aggressive and does not cause pain for patients. Above all, it does not lead to bruising or additional tissue damage. It is a simple but underused method that complements other manual therapy techniques to create a well-rounded physical therapy approach.

How Does It Help?
So far, clinicians have used IASTM to treat a wide array of different injuries and conditions. These injuries include neck pain, back pain, IT band syndrome, shin splints, post-surgical scarring, chronic ankle sprains, muscle strains, and tendonitis. On a cellular level, IASTM has shown promising results for assisting with fibroblast proliferation (crucial for collagen development and growth of connective tissue), reducing scar tissue, and more. Patients who have been treated with IASTM reported positive results ranging from an improved range of motion to greater strength.

However, while IASTM has grown considerably more popular in recent years, it is not universal among physical therapy clinics. Precision Pain & Spine Institute is proud to bring this ground breaking new manual therapy technique to New Jersey and New York and to offer patients yet another treatment option for resolving injury and accelerating recovery.

“Instrument Assisted Soft Tissues Mobilization is the next big thing in manual therapy,” said Dr. Wael Elkholy for Precision Pain & Spine Institute. “Since we introduced the technique, we have seen incredible results in the healing and recovery of our patients. Some of whom weren’t responding to other forms of treatment. We do everything we do to serve our patients more effectively. I firmly believe that IASTM is a positive step forward in that mission.”

Contact Us
Those interested in learning more about IASTM, its benefits for injury patients, and conditions it has successfully been used to treat can contact Precision Pain & Spine Institute directly by calling 732-444-8888 or sending a message through the business’s contact page.

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