Dr. Marianne Bayongan

Physical Therapy
Edison , Hamilton


Marianne Bayongan, PT graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in the Philippines in 1996. Upon gaining her physical therapy license in 1997, Marianne set up and managed her own private practice for four years. Throughout this time, Marianne trained physical therapists and hundreds of physical therapy interns. Recognized for her outstanding performance as a Clinical Supervisor, Marianne was elected to be a panelist to one of Philippine's physical therapy schools where she participated in screening student's eligibility for graduation.

In 2008, Marianne relocated to the United States where she managed clinics in Jersey City, New Jersey and Roselle Park, New Jersey. Marianne keeps current with physical therapy practices by completing courses in person and keeping abreast with various literature. Marianne believes in the concept of "enhancing abilities beyond disabilities" by striving to get her patients back to their activities despite pain and weaknesses through proper exercise and care.

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