Five Ways Chiropractic Manipulation Can Alleviate Chronic Pain

Chiropractic manipulation usually concerns the treatment of pains in the muscles, joints, and bones without using surgery or medication. While chiropractors can treat conditions ranging from digestive disorders to migraines, they most commonly provide care to patients suffering from back and neck pain. In the USA, up to 31 million people suffer from lower back pain at any given time.

At Precision Pain & Spine Institute, we offer a broad range of chiropractic treatments to people in the New York area, and we’re proud to have a team of highly skilled chiropractors that have a wealth of experience under their belts. If you suffer from back pain, we may be able to treat it using one of the following favorite adjustment techniques:

Gonstead Adjustment
The Gonstead Adjustment is one of the most common chiropractic treatments for long-term back pain. A qualified chiropractor will first identify the problematic area before adjusting and realigning the spinal region accordingly, reducing inflammation and pain in the process.

Diversified Technique
The Diversified Technique is one of the most common treatments used to relieve pain in the back and neck quickly. A chiropractor will adjust your lumbar disk herniations, which are responsible for most cases of neck and back pain. The treatment is often associated with ‘popping’ joints back into place after they’ve been restored to improve their function.

Logan Technique
By gently applying pressure to your spine using the Logan technique, a chiropractor can successfully realign the bones in your spine itself, which helps relieve migraines and headaches. The Logan technique is also commonly administered to release stress and tension in your body while improving your balance.

Flexion Distraction
Though less common than other chiropractic treatments, the flexion-distraction technique has been clinically proven to treat back ailments such as facet joint pain. It’s also useful for treating conditions that cause neck and back pain, including scoliosis. It involves stretching your back to realign the spine and treat disk herniations.

Soft Tissue Therapy
This treatment is more of a massage than an adjustment. Instead of the spine, soft tissue therapy focuses on ligaments and muscles. A chiropractor applies the procedure to the inflamed areas of your joints to help clear scar tissue plus a range of other ‘injury waste’ that can impede your physical performance following an injury. By releasing toxic by-products, soft tissue therapy can improve circulation and blood flow.

In addition to the massage and adjustment techniques detailed above, chiropractors may recommend dietary changes and physical therapy to speed up the recovery process. If you’ve suffered an injury, it’s important not to push yourself too hard too quickly because doing so could exacerbate your condition. For that reason, we highly recommend seeking professional advice from a qualified chiropractor if you’re experiencing pain in your lower back, shoulders, neck, or thoracic.

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