Chronic Pain Diaries: Foot Pain

If you have been experiencing foot pain, chances are you have a condition called “plantar fasciitis”. This is the inflammation of the tissue that connects the hell bone to the toes. Here are some of the symptoms you could be experiencing:

  1. The heel or bottom of your foot hurts when standing and/or walking
  2. Your foot has high arches or you have flat feet
  3. You experience the pain upon awakening or after long periods of sitting
  4. Pain when putting weight on your foot/feet

Athletes frequently have this condition due to their constant activity. There are several things that you can do in order to ease your foot pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis:

  1. Rest
  2. Avoid walking on hard surfaces
  3. Check your shoes- make sure you replace them every few months
  4. Steroid Injections
  5. Foot exercises (concentrating on the Achilles tendon)

If you live near one of our four locations and are experiencing foot pain, make sure to schedule an appointment to consult with one of our Board Certified Pain Doctors!

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